Hi Keri!
We thought you might like to hear how Buster is doing. He is just the best dog ever. He is great with the kids, especially the two year old. He is very gentle with her. Buster has easily learned commands like sit, stay, come, and shake. The house training was super easy. We cannot thank you enough for helping us bring home a great addition to the family. - Derek and Jennifer, Tx
About a year ago I received my Mini Australian Shepherd, Piper, as a gift. He is the sweetest boy and the best gift I could have asked for! - Allison
Hi Kari,

I'm so happy that my brother/sister in-law adopted one of your puppies today!  We were with them last night and had Gracie (originally named Penny from your Maggie and Flash litter) with us. She has been such an easy puppy! Potty trained within a week, spayed last month, gets along great with her older brother (full sized Aussie, Cooper), and is turning into quite the Frisbee dog! They were totally sold and so glad they have one of your pups! If you ever want to add a "tribute" page to your website, we'd be happy to write in support of Lakewood Farms Aussies!

Thanks so much for entrusting us with one of your babies!

Margaret  (proud owner of Gracie the wonder dog) - Missouri
Emma is an amazing little girl! She bonded to me almost immediately and responds to her name every time. You are right about how sweet and loving she is. That credit goes to you and Jeff and your little girls.  She is just perfect!!! Take care and thank you for all you do. Carol - NH
She has been the BEST puppy we have EVER known!

I know pet owners are probably like parents, where they think their puppy is the best,
but this one is seriously so wonderful! - Shawn
Here are just a few emails I have received. Ill add more as time allows.  If youve purchased a puppy and would like to leave a comment, please do so by email. Thanks! ~Keri
Hi Keri,

I wanted to give you an update. We changed her name from Bailey to Zoe. Zoe is a ball full of joy. She loves everyone she sees and loves being with other dogs.  EVERYONE thinks she is gorgeous. We know sit, rollover,
lay down, high five, paw, up  and we are working on stay. She loves to touch you at all times. She is my shadow. My parents love her and everyone asks if they can have her and we have to tell them there is a list!
Stella is so loved! She is our gorgeous sweer girl, we are so thankful for her, youll never know how much youve blessed our lives through her! Thank you so much! - Becca K.
Hi Keri, this is Anna J from Jacksonville, Fl. I just wanted u to know Lilah is super spoiled and very loved! Youd be very impressed with her frizbee catching skills~!
Hey Keri, thought youd like an update on Cinder. We hope your still breeding mini aussies, we would love to get another from you one day. We got Cinder a couple years ago and so love him! We have found him to be superior as far as his coat and personality. He has proven to be a great trail dog and stays right with us. Thank you so much!
Hey Keri, Update- Ruger is a bundle of joy! I look forward to seeing him when I get home from work. Couldnt ask for a better dog honestly. Hes everything I wanted and more! - Josh C.