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Would you like to know about the personality of one of the puppies or perhaps more pictures? Im just a phone call or an email away. Ill be more than happy to describe your puppy of interest and send additional photos!
If your looking for premium, top of the line puppies with International Championship Bloodlines, sound temperaments, and good socialization, your at the right page. All are guaranteed MDR1 negative through parentage.  All puppies have different energy levels much like a child, from mild to high. Ive also added descriptions to help you choose which puppy you may fit into your family and what your looking for. Please feel free to contact me with and questions you might have. We strive to place our puppies with matching traits.  

* puppies are sold as pet only, please ask about breeding rights

Why we no longer name our newborn puppies...
Although each puppy we raise is done
with lots of love and attention, we felt like giving the puppy a name was not only taking away one of the special options the new families are entitled to, but was also confusing to the puppy when their names were changed after  going to their new home.
            Max and Jazz                                 
         Max and Shiloh
This page was last updated: August 8, 2018
Max and Jazz throw exceptional puppies with a beautiful medium to long coat length and solid build. Most of their puppies are in the top end of the mini spectrum with an average of 16-19" tall 35-50 lbs.
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           Max and Milly
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Max and Milly throw agility style puppies. They will have short to medium length hair with a light coat. Most of their puppies are in the middle range of the mini spectrum with an average of 15-16" tall 30 - 40 lbs.
           Max and Jazz
                Pups born  6/25/2018
                  Ready 08/20/2018
Blue Merle Boy - Brown Marbled Eyes
  Price $ 1500  Shipping $400
Blue Merle Boy - Blue Marbled Eyes
  Price $ 1500  Shipping $400
Black Tri Boy - Blue Eyes
  Price $ 1500  Shipping $400
If your looking for a larger mini, Max and Jazz throw 16"-19" puppies of a thicker boned, stocky build with medium to long coat length.
Jazz throws exceptional puppies as you can see from the pictures.
Wow! Honestly one of the best looking, best tempered puppies raised here at Lakewood Farm Aussies. This boy has a laid back, easy going personality but loves playing with kids. Would make an outstanding addition to any family.
This sweet little boy is an absolute gem. He has a low energy, easy going personality but can switch to a goofy, lighthearted playful pup. He loves one on one playtime and snuggles. Will do very well in homes that have a quieter, relaxed atmosphere.
Calling Mr. Charmer! This little mans such fun to be around. Guaranteed to bring lots of smiles and laughter to any household. He has a moderate energy level and loves to play. Excellent addition to a family with children.